The commissioning process can be summarized as “a project management process for obtaining, verifying, and documenting that the performance of systems and equipment meet well-defined objectives and criteria“.

This process encompasses a whole series of activities that can be traced, in turn, to activities of quality control and coordination during the project phase, during the contract phase, or during the work management phase, as well as a calibration and testing verification in the project delivery phase.

AEPI Industrie offers:

  • Commissioning and start-up of electrical systems and softwares designed in Italy and abroad;
  • Installation and commissioning of automation systems at the customer’s location;
  • Work management for the electrical assembly of systems;
  • Customer service for the products provided;
  • Teleassistenza per i prodotti software;
  • Post-testing assistance;
  • Tele-assistance for software products;
  • Development of all the necessary documentation for the construction of industrial electrical switchboards in the field of industrial automation (wiring diagrams, bills of materials, switchboard and machine layout, operating manuals of machines designed, manuals for the maintenance of electrical and electronic parts);
  • EC Declaration of conformity of electrical switchboards and machines (risk analysis and supplementary documentation);
  • Declaration of conformity to the target market of the designed automation system.


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