We recover and improve existing plants, adding new functionalities and increasing productivity.

Revamping is defined as the process by which existing plants are recovered and innovative, production-enhancing solutions are developed. Revamping of obsolete machinery is done by replacing not only worn-out parts, but by improving productivity and adding new functionalities. Transforming a machine means overcoming the design and technological limitations of the past and integrating the original design with current mechanical and electronic solutions.

Activities included:

  • Regeneration and/or replacement of worn parts;
  • Addition of new functionalities;
  • Increasing productivity;
  • Improving product quality;
  • Generation of 3D models;
  • Drafting of technical documentation.


Ad hoc technological solutions

The AEPI Group is particularly competitive in the development of customised projects. The high degree of design flexibility ensures the achievement of high standards in terms of reliability and quality of the end product.


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