The real strength of the group

People are and will be the great resource and the real strength that animates the AEPI group.A compact and motivated team that works in close synergy with the customer, manages to achieve the objectives that would otherwise be insuperable in the optimization of every single project.

For some years now, the AEPI Group has decided to invest resources in the management of personnel starting from the selection.Today, in fact, the company has managed to raise the average level of candidate profiles and subsequent recruitment, aiming to ensure the right balance between the business needs and those of the people who are part of it.

This is why the insertion in the Group always includes a trial period to test the actual compatibility; the low turnover, which has always characterised the company, is a confirmation of the validity of the strategy adopted.

Furthermore, the AEPI Group has always opted to define an internal training process along with career prospects open to every employee, favouring the assessment of personal characteristics, the individual figures in terms of the propensity for learning, group work, initiative, enthusiasm and motivation.