Customised projects with ad hoc technological solutions

The AEPI Group is particularly competitive in the realisation of customised projects, true ‘tailor-made’ technological solutions capable of satisfying the most demanding requirements.

The high degree of design flexibility allows us to achieve high standards in terms of reliability and quality of the final product.

Automatic assembly machine for electromechanical components

The machine is a prototype capable of assembling electromechanical components that until now had only been manufactured by human hands.....

Automatic packaging machine for long pasta

The machine is able to form a cardboard box for food with tear-off systems made in such a way that it does not contaminate the contents of the packaging....

Automatic scarifying machine for bread dough mixes with vision system

Automatic scarifying machine composed of two delta-type robots and two vision systems for the automatic recognition of the product positioning on the food conveyor.

Line for treatment/brushing of tyre tread bands

Optimization of a complete automatic line for the brushing of tread.....

Palletizing island for cardboard boxes

The robotic island was designed to automate the palletizing and wrapping process of cardboard boxes of different sizes....

Robotic application for automatic bread scarification

Automatic scarifying robotic application composed of independent robotic islands and a blade holder arm for each robot....

Robotised island for the certification of measurement samples

Study of an automated certification system for precision blocks used as calibration sample for numerical control machines/tools.

Test bench for testing the duration of suspensions

Development of an electro-mechanical single-roller test bench for dynamic tests of the duration of automotive suspensions, in particular, motorcycle forks and shock absorbers.

Ultrasonic system for cutting bread, pizzas and focaccias

During the IPACK-IMA 2022 fair we presented an ultrasound application for cutting, portioning and scarifying bread, pizzas and focaccias....


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