Mission & Vision

Innovative technologies and valuing people


The Mission of the AEPI group is to be a company specialised in industrial automation, providing innovative technological solutions and cutting-edge manufacturing processes and guaranteeing reliable and quality solutions. 


The Group’s Vision is to continue to be an excellent partner for companies that need industrial automation, system engineering companies and automatic machines manufacturers, consolidating and expanding the new business model dedicated to the design and optimization of  tailor-made automation solutions and industrial robotics. 

AEPI Group is focused on continuous improvement, through the sharing of knowledge and experience, both internal and external, adding value and customer satisfaction.Moreover, it wants to be a company where it is a pleasure to grow.

Mission and Vision of AEPI Group are based on principles promoted, followed and handed down by the company over time.They can be summarised as follows:

  • Act with transparency and correctness so that the working relationship is based on fair consideration on both sides and the respect of the legitimate expectations of the internal and external stakeholders involved, maintaining an ethical conduct in the contractual obligations;                            
  • Facilitate and encourage the professional growth of the person within the company, through continuous training and participation; 
  • Adopt all possible measures to favour a climate of motivation, open communication and a strong sense of responsibility; 
  • Promote and enhance the contribution of the person in the various phases of the professional activity;
  • Promote a policy of sharing business strategies and objectives;
  • Ensure compliance with existing standards and conventions and operate in a socially responsible manner;
  • Educate on risks related to business and adopt all appropriate precautions to ensure the protection of those involved;
  • Ensure a policy of equal opportunities that excludes all forms of discrimination;