SCADA systems for supervising and monitoring machines and systems

AEPI Industrie plans and implements plant supervision systems, offering its customers all the advantages of networking their devices together with their remote management, through the use of the latest technologies.

SCADA systems, i.e. programmes that are used for the remote and real-time control of industrial systems, are used to perform monitoring. Among the main SCADA systems used are: ZenOn (all versions), Citect (all versions), Factory Link, WinCC, IToolS.

In addition to the supervision of plants and machines for data collection, the company monitors and controls the energy consumption of the plant itself, in order to allow the company to save energy and optimise the production process.

Energy efficiency is the most effective way to reduce energy costs and at the same time reduce climate-changing emissions, with economic and environmental benefits and compliance with international commitments.

This objective requires careful and targeted management continuity, with the involvement of all operators in the company in order to have effective control of consumption. Hence the importance of including in the organisation’s activities appropriate tools and an energy culture that is of interest to all company resources, especially those that are part of energy-consuming processes.


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