AEPI Automatismi Elettrici Pneumatici Imolesi was founded in 1969 from the idea of three young entrepreneurs, including Tonino Topi, founder of the Topi family and current owner of the Group.

We were founded as a partner in the design and optimization of electrical and pneumatic systems for any industrial technological process, and manufacturer of transformers and static machines.


The 1st production plant of AEPI was established, which today continues to be an operating unit hosting the engineering department of the Group, namely IPREL Progetti.


10 years in business


Following the first collaborations and the expansion of production, the first logistical problems began to arise.

We decided to move the production site to what is still the largest plant of the Group, therefore expanding both in terms of production and personnel.

We also witnessed the first company transformation: from AEPI Automatismi Elettrici Pneumatici Imolesi to AEPI Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche Srl.


20 years in business


IPREL Imola PRogetti ELettrici was founded in 1995 by a joint venture between AEPI Industrie and its historic partner Sacmi Imola.It assumed a key role within the AEPI Group, as it would further broaden the range of engineering services.


30 years in business


International directives were introduced in terms of product and safety (UL, CSA, Atex), representing a valuable element to cope with internationalisation: it became strategic for any manufacturer of machinery and equipment, relying on a partner with the expertise and experience necessary to ensure that everything was dealt with down to the smallest details.


The evolution continued with the integration of NOVANET Ingegneria e Sistemi, a company based in Lugo that deals with the programming and integration of engineering systems, in the field of management and automation of buildings, as well as in home and building automation.


The three companies of the Group become part of the Tli Consortium, active in the supply of high-tech systems and services for logistics, integration between processes and management/decision-making information systems of companies.


40 years in business


The third production plant of the Group was established, which now houses the head office and production site


The expansion of the Group continued with the acquisition of El.Mecc., a company of proven experience in the field of electrical switchboards for industrial automation, energy distribution and Low or Medium voltage substations, and ECR ElettroCablaggiRomagnola, specialised in crimping, application of pin terminals, labelling of wires and cables for wiring.


We witnessed the company’s transformation from NOVANET Ingegneria e Sistemi to NOVANET Impianti e Sistemi.At the same time, a structural transformation started in which the new business reality incorporated El. Mecc. Srl Costruzioni e Assemblaggi Elettromeccanici and E.C.R ElettroCablaggi Romagnola Srl, whose core business concerns the design, supply and marketing of electrical switchboards, therefore allowing to provide complete services.

Again in 2012 AEPI Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche took on a new corporate role becoming AEPI Industrie, keeping intact the brand and the global leadership in the fields of industrial automation and system integration.


20 years in business of IPREL Progetti


NOVANET Impianti e Sistemi is totally incorporated into the AEPI Group, with the consequent transfer of the personnel to the Group’s current production site.


A new Business Unit was established within the Group, called AEPI Special Division and is dedicated to the design and optimization of tailor-made automatic machines for industrial automation for every production sector.


50 years in business


Transfer of the entire IPREL Progetti shares to our partner and long-standing customer: SACMI Imola Sc.